How does a 70+ year old woman retool herself from a successful small business owner for over 35+ years to an artist?

One day at a time, with patience, courage and confidence in herself and by surrounding herself with those who can mentor, teach and support her through this significant life change.

My creative side has always been within me, although for many years I was not attentive to its subtle signs.  My creativity spark would ebb and flow as time, energy and attention would allow – sometimes strong, sometimes gentle but always asking for attention.

With retirement came opportunity & boundless time; with Covid came contemplation & a realization it is okay to “be in the moment”; and with the encouragement of those around me came courage to create through paper sculpture & fused glass.

As I continue to find my way, I am experimenting with form, color, techniques. My education will continue, my artwork is everchanging, and my creativity continues without bounds.
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