Artist Statement
What started out as a project for another show ended up as a yearlong odyssey of painting nine iris for my featured artist show at Art at the Main. My show was originally scheduled for February but due to unforeseen circumstances it was pushed back to May. At first, I was disappointed but of course May is the month of iris so it is a fortunate delay. I need only walk out my front or back door and there I am greeted with beautiful iris.

Walking further down the street I am greeted by many more colors and varieties. Circling the block there were even more that I had never noticed before. These all gave me the inspiration and determination to make a small presentation of the abundant variety that are out in the world. There are many colors and types that I haven’t captured and of course a painting can’t do justice to the real flower.

I have enjoyed painting nine iris and I hope you find joy in them as well. Adrian