I once read that “A house without Art Is like a house with no windows.”

I am a self-taught oil painter with an eclectic approach to the many subjects I wish to portray. The beauty of our landscape is a never-ending source of inspiration for me as a painter and conservationist. However, numerous domestic and historical scenes also strike emotional chords that say, “Paint me”.

I occasionally do Plein Air Paintings, but my primary references are photographs which I have taken during many years of extensive travel. I now find it impossible to go anywhere without looking for things or places to paint. Even if it means stopping on the side of an Interstate to shoot a picture.

Whenever Clients acquire one of my paintings, I try to foresee the time when their Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren will still be enjoying it. I am a firm believer that Art is one of the most beneficial and cost-effective purchases a person will ever make. In the future, money used to pay for most disposable merchandise will be long gone, as well as the items purchased. But, that initial investment in a beautiful work of Art, will continue bringing joy to its owners through generations of time.

CASTLE COUNTRY COLOR 12"x24" oil painting, $1250
UTAH HAYFIELD 9"x12" oil painting, $425
RABBIT BRUSH 8"x10" oil painting, $350
30 BELOW MORNING 8"x10" oil painting, $350
IT'S YOUR TURN, DAD 9"x12" oil painting, $395
JACOB HAMBLIN ARCH 8"x10" oil painting, $375
AN AMERICAN MEMORY 9"x12" oil painting, $375
THE FISHING HOLE 8"x12" oil painting, $395
LONE PEAK OF THE WASATCH 24"x30" oil painting, $1100
MONARCH OF THE WEST 8"x10" oil painting, $195
THE HOMESTEAD 12"x16" oil painting, $450
GAME TRAIL 14"x16" oil painting, $750
EVENING UP THE GROS VENTRE 17"x21" oil painting, $1250