In this pandemic year of 2020, I have worked at home, mostly alone, since March. My last day at work was the day before Salt Lake City's earthquake of March 18. I escaped with movies, books, and painting. These are the paintings I completed this year, plus a few extras. I began traveling with the paintings, revisiting places I had been in the past through them. Of course, I had to do my animals, my favorite subjects, as well. Most of the living beings I had contact with this year have 4 paws. I challenged myself with new surfaces, Yupo for Stellar Conversations, or figuring out solutions to painting things like screen door, or the textures in a barnyard.

BEND IN THE TRAIL 9"x12" watercolor, $220
CACTUS CUP 5"x7" watercolor, $95
FATHER'S DAY 12"x19" watercolor, $575
EVESDROPPERS 9"x12" watercolor, $220
KITTY! GET DOWN! 10"x13" watercolor, $240
MISTER 5"x7" watercolor, $95
MISSUS 5"x7" watercolor, $95
STELLER CONVERSATION 11"x14" watercolor, $240
THE SUN'S EYE 8"x10" watercolor, $199
WHEELER FARM 9"x12" watercolor, $220
SILENCE 15.5"x11.5" watercolor, $260
ONCOMING STORM 9"x12" watercolor, $220