A Little Bit of This and That

While this title seems without a theme to my show, there actually is a theme.  The subject matter is people and places but the unifying theme is mood and emotions. (This interest comes from being a psychologist).
Different moods or emotions were created using diverse colors and mediums. At times I paint the same subject more than once using different underlying colors or media to do this.  For example, a blue under painting of a grove of trees lent itself to a mysterious or serene mood while yellow had the effect of lightness; dark colored portraits led to a somber mood and bright red/orange to a vibrant mood.  I used encaustic medium in portraits to both create deeper expressions in portraits and a more ethereal mood in street scenes.  Casein lent itself to a softer mood while yupo let me have freer and more fun expressions. 

I hope you enjoy this show as much as I had creating it.
Joan B. Zone