Expressing Art – a journey   
Mary Pusey  2024

I love painting. I love drawing.
I love exploring new art techniques.
I love to travel.

I began with watercolor. I thought I would never change. I traveled in the United States and England painting with this wonderful medium.
Then Covid became a constant companion in our lives.
No classes. No workshops. No Traveling.

A friend told me to look online, and I began a trip into oil & cold wax medium. I had never painted in oil, so I felt I needed more time learning to paint with oil before I continued with adding the cold wax medium.   
I began taking workshops online. My friend suggested Winslow Art Online, and I met Martha Jordan, owner, and a new world opened for me. I took classes in oil and gouache (new to me!). I traveled to aworkshop in Italy sponsored by this company.  I painted with Bernard Dellario in pomegranate and olive groves at the Casti llo di Petroia in Italy.
I painted with Ingrid Christensen and learned  to  paint  yellows  on unexpected  rainy  gray  days  at  the Castle. I painted from my garden. I explored palette knife painting with David Mensing.

At the present time, I am painting with oil; sometimes my  paintings  are  realistic,  sometimes  a  bit  more abstract. I find I enjoy painting what I see, not what is actually there.