This and That
Artistic Works by Brenda K. Brunello

There are lots of words of wisdom when it comes to gallery representation as each gallery owner has their own opinion as to what sells well in their gallery.  Sometimes the request is for regional art, sometimes it is for "only oils" as they have a tendency to be preferred by collectors. Almost always there is a request for a cohesive body of work.  Frames of similar style, paintings that have a specific theme such as clouds, portraits, floral, still life, etc. Generally I understand and comply with whatever the prevailing request is, but then covid came along and my brain turned to mush and my attention span became that of a gnat...assuming gnat's have attention spans. What I am saying is the my ability to focus on a theme or a cohesive body of work did not seem to be....uhm.....working. That brings me to this virtual exhibit aptly titled, "This and That" .  What you are viewing is my mind wandering, indulging myself in "what ifs". What if I experiment with abstracts and then place something representational on top of it? What if I do a good sized painting without a sketch first, just rely on my ability to see and then paint in proportion and scale what I am viewing? If it is off a bit, doesn't that just add to the charm of the piece?  What if I spent a bit of time improving my ability to paint clouds and then abstract them out a bit so the read as clouds, but are a little less realistic? The "what if's" go on and on and this exhibition represents many of my favorite pieces from my musings.

SUMMER SKIES 8"x11" watercolor, $375 matted and framed
DIRECTIONALLY CHALLENGED 8"x15" watercolor, $275 matted and framed
ABSTRACTED LANDSCAPE 7"x7" watermedia, $85 matted
MAYNARD DIXON'S CLOUDS 8.5"x10.5" watercolor, $175 matted and framed
I'M SO PRETTY 7.5"x11" watercolor, $85 matted
ANOTHER TIME 13"x18" watercolor, $475 matted and framed
PLAY WITH ME 12"x12" watercolor, $275 matted and framed
CLOUD BURST 8"x10" oil painting, $475 framed