Neena Plant's collection of a dozen exquisite pieces beautifully showcases her unique ability to blend traditional pottery methods with a contemporary flair, creating a visual experience that is both captivating and inspiring. Explore the intricate details and craftsmanship of each piece as you uncover the stories embedded in the clay.

In addition to her pottery collection, Neena Plant will also be displaying several watercolor paintings that complement the style and theme of the show, adding an additional layer of depth to her artistic expression.

Don't miss this opportunity to witness the talent and creativity of Neena Plant as she brings together the worlds of glass and clay in a showcase that promises to leave you inspired and awestruck. Join us for a truly unforgettable artistic journey that celebrates the beauty of tradition and innovation.


Blue Flask
Blue Spirits Bottle
Blue Pendant
Brass Topped Bottle
Eyeball on Stand
Gold Bottle
Green and Yellow Criss-Cross Vase
Inspiration: Roman Clawfoot Sprinkler Bottle
Inspiration: Roman Helmet Sprinkler Bottle
Inspiration: Roman Loop Sprinkler Bottle
Inspiration: Roman Square Storage Bottle
Small Pewter Flask
Turquoise Olympus Watercolor