Online Show:  Abstracting Utah
This body of work represents my desire to go beyond realism and move towards abstraction.  I am drawn to the push-pull of finding that fine balance between abstraction and reality while, at the same time, I explore the use of color dominance, value, shapes, lines, and textures.  I find myself being intrigued by the idea of abstraction, yet lured back to reality.  When I first embarked on this path of exploration in 2019, I was excited to soak up the beauty of Utah by hiking and painting on-site.  My goal was to absorb these moments and then discover ways to express them more abstractly.
Midway through my best laid plans, Covid-19 hit.  Our gallery shut abruptly.  My teaching job got stuck on hold, and I found myself thrown into a new life experience, now known as a “stay at home” mandate. After recovering from the shock of experiencing a pandemic and the looming stress of an unknown future, I slowly began getting back to my studio.  The quiet of the studio and the slowing-down of time became my new companions. I began playing more with paint and letting the painting start to speak to me.  I took more risks and pushed for more abstraction. In some cases, I added some reality back into the painting.

This collection of paintings includes acrylic, acrylic and mixed media, oil, and cold wax medium with oil.  Many paintings have layers of paint, markings, sand, salt, and collage in an effort to build subtle interest and intrigue. In doing so, I find that each painting has its own personality and history built right into it. All of our realities have been twisted recently.  I thank you in advance for viewing “Abstracted Utah”. 

More about the artist:
In addition to doing abstract work, I am an avid watercolorist. I teach watercolor and art classes at the McGillis School and at Visual Art Institute in Sugar House in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I am passionate about painting, and I get great pleasure out of sharing this artistic journey with others. I have been painting with watercolor for over 25 years, am a signature member of the Utah Watercolor Society, and have been an active board member for over 5 years. 

Although I am a native Oregonian, my husband and I raised our children Salt Lake City.  Now empty nesters, we plan on staying put with our standard poodle, Raffi, and our grown kids nearby.

Swaner Preserve 10"x20" Oil, $400
Winter in Severe County 10"x20" Oil, $325
Off Dalton's Wash 10"x20" Oil, $400
Oquirrh Mountain Sunset 10"x10" Oil, $150
Calf Creek 24"x30" Acrylic/Mixed, $750
Storm Approaching 18"x24" Acrylic/Mixed, $550
Response 8"x10" Cold Wax Media/Oil, $150
Midnight Run 8"x10" Cold Wax Media/Oil, $150
Nesting 8"x10" Cold Wax Media/Oil, $150
Hope Blooms 8"x10" Cold Wax Media/Oil, $150