• Silence 15.5"x11.5" watercolor, $260

  • Steller Conversation 11"x14" watercolor, $240

  • Wheeler Farm  9"x12" watercolor, $220

  • The Sun's Eye 8"x10" watercolor, $199

  • Oncoming Storm 9"x12" watercolor, $220

  • Missus 5"x7" watercolor, $95 

  • A Year of Paintings by Caryn Feeney

  • Mister 5"x7" watercolor, $95 

  • Kitty! Get Down! 10"x13" watercolor, $240

  • Eavesdroppers 9"x12" watercolor, $220

  • Father's Day 12"x19" watercolor, $575 

  • Cactus Cup 5"x7" watercolor, $95

  • Bend in the Trail 9"x12" watercolor, $220

Art at the Main is proud to feature A Year of Painting, by Caryn Feeney.
All paintings in the exhibit are available to purchase.
Please contact Caryn to inquire about pricing and purchase. 


Our gallery is closed due to current COVID-19 policies.
Any changes to our closure schedule will be 
posted as soon as they occur.
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