The people, places and objects in my paintings speak volumes about our culture. I strive to show the ordinary and extraordinary things in life in a new light.  Through my artwork, I seek to capture the vibrant diversity and inherent beauty found in the world around us, in all its forms.

Landscapes, with their sweeping vistas and ever-changing moods, serve as windows into our environment. From majestic mountains to tranquil seascapes, I aim to transport viewers to these natural wonders.

Still life compositions provide a glimpse into the intimate and often overlooked facets of our everyday lives. I chose to focus on florals in this exhibit. Through light, texture, and careful composition, I strive to reveal the inherent beauty in the ordinary flowers from my world.

Portraiture, a genre as old as human civilization itself, allows me to delve into the human experience. In my portrayal of individuals and wildlife, I endeavor to capture not only their physical likeness but also their essence, their stories, and their emotions.

By combining these three genres within a single exhibition, I am satisfying my own curiosity. Each artwork, whether it depicts a vast landscape, a carefully arranged still life, or an engaging portrait, is a thread woven from my personal experience. Together, they form a rich tapestry that celebrates the diversity, complexity, and inherent beauty of our world.

Through this exhibition, I invite you to embark on a visual exploration, to see beyond the surface of these artworks and to discover the stories they hold.


Garden Euphoria
ROUGH WATER 20"x30" watercolor $1500
GATHERING PLACE 11"x18" watercolor, $650
STROLLING AFTER HOURS 14"x20" watercolor $795
LOOKING WEST 12"x12" watercolor on Aqua Bord, $375
ALONG THE NILE, 16"x22" watercolor NFS
TEA WITH THE NUBIANS 16"x20" watercolor $950
SHE WORE RED 8"x11" watercolor $275
RUFFLED FEATHERS 14"X14" watercolor, $595
FLIGHTS OF FANCY 16"x20" watercolor $900
LEAP OF FAITH 18"x11" watercolor, $595
REUNION 10"x11" watercolor, $350
JUBILEE 8"x13" watercolor $350
IRIS GARDEN 14"x14" watercolor SOLD