I like color. I have a ridiculous (and sometimes “Off”) sense of humor. 
I am at the short end of life’s stick but I am still silly.

My formal art training was in Hot Glass.  I loved the colors, forms and expression I could put in my glass pieces.  In 2018 I closed my glass studio in Salt Lake in anticipation of a move to the northwest.  
Those plans changed but my need to create art persisted.  I started doodling and bought some paints. Re tooled my art studio, and Silly Business was born. 

Please don’t get serious and analytical about my art. It doesn’t “mean” anything.  I paint things that are whimsical and make me smile.  I hope my paintings do the same for you.

Linda Kalmar
Silly Business Studio

Contact Linda for information and/or purchase.

FISH DINNER acrylic painting, $145
FLUTTER BUTTERS acrylic painting, $145
LEAP acrylic painting, $155
OCTOPUS acrylic painting, $165
TORTUGA BAY acrylic painting, $145
UTAH ARCHES acrylic painting, $155