My process of shaping objects in clay connects me to the ancient work of making decorative and functional vessels. I feel deep satisfaction creating forms that will hold your culinary and floral creations. I aspire to bring pleasure to the user. Teapots, round bulbous bowls, cups that form to your hand, pitchers that pour easily should also be visually balanced. Some pieces are wonderful at the end of the process of creating, trimming, glazing and heating in a gas kiln to 2381 F. And, some pieces are interesting, in the worst, sardonic sense of “interesting.”

It is the process and the unending challenge to create that piece sends me to the potter’s wheel for over four decades. Altering and hand building a form adds eccentricity.  My pottery is made of stoneware or porcelain clay at Petersen’s Art Studios, where I teach and create.

I am a resident of Salt Lake City.