Terrece Beesley

I am fascinated by scenes we are familiar with and most often ignore. The people, places and objects in my paintings speak volumes about our culture. In my world, landscapes become busy street scenes, and flowers co-exist with comic strips, coffee cups, postcards and popsicles. 

My working process starts by photographing my subjects numerous times from different angles, usually combining several photos for my final painting. I enjoy looking intently at my subject matter, striving for the correct perspective, attitude, or tiny reflection that will bring it to life. Then I throw away the photograph and concentrate on the painting itself. 

My watercolor paintings reveal very few flat washes. I prefer to mix colors on the paper and use brush strokes to give my work rhythm and energy - many brush strokes! These brushstrokes add a loose quality to what would otherwise be extremely realistic paintings.

I am very proud that my painting was chosen for an Award of Merit in the Spring Salon at the Springville Museum of Art. I am a signature member of both the Utah Watercolor Society and the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies.

Flower Power
Rough Water
Autumn on the River
Lafitte's Gathering Place
Jackson Trio
Re-assembling the Great Society
Window Shopping
River Dance
Flights of Fancy