It’s “Snowing/Raining/Slushing” this morning on Bountiful Ridge and the wind is lightly blowing just enough to make it cold outside, which makes me glad that I’m inside where it’s warm. Spring has finally arrived, and the warm sunshine of Summer will soon be upon us.

We can then abandon our architectural cocoons and venture out into a (hopefully) Virus free “Great Outdoors”. Our Parks and Playgrounds will once again be teeming with Children and Adults, participating in the things we enjoy so much by living within this beautiful State.
One which provides us with such a wide variety of outdoor activities to enjoy.

This also includes the many Artists who venture into the mountains to paint their breathtaking landscapes, or those who travel the back roads recording the visual histories of our Ranches, Farms and other memorable places which are so inspiring to all of us. After the many months of Lockdown throughout our State I do not foresee the Mosquitoes, Bugs landing on a wet painting, or even the hot days ahead of the Artist, being as aggravating as they were in the past. And should you drive by an Artist out of doors working at their easel, give them a wave and a smile. It will bless their day and lift their spirits. 

Below you will see a few Oil Paintings from some of my Great Outdoor adventures in the recent past.  For information about their availability or prices please visit my web site


A Secret Place, 20"x30" oil on board, $1800
Virgin River Canyon, oil painting, $2400
Jacob Hamblin Arch, 8"x10" oil on board, $375
Morning Stretch, 16"x24" oil on board, $800
Sunbathing, 12"x8" oil on board, $850
Springtime in the Rockies
The Green Door, 12"x18" oil painting, $850
Desert Truck Garden, oil painting, $750
That's Close Enough, 20"x24" oil on board, $1975
It's Your Turn Dad, 9"x12" oil painting, $395
Castle Country Country, 12"x24" oil painting, $1250
Utah Hayfield, 9"x12" oil painting, $425
An American Memory, 8"x10" oil painting, $375
The Homestead, 12"x16" oil painting, $450
The Fishing Hole, 8"x12" oil painting, $395
Rabbit Brush, 8"x10" oil painting, $350
Game Trail, 14"x16" oil painting, $750
Mt. Timpanogos in Winter, 30"x40" oil on canvas
30 Below Morning, 8"x10" oil painting,$350
Lone Peak of the Wasatch, 24"x30" oil painting, $1100
Park City First Security Bank, 12"x16" oil painting, $495
Evening up the Gros Ventre, 17"x21" oil painting, $1250
Monarch of the West, 8"x10" oil painting, $195