The gift of a camera while quite young provided a vehicle for creative exploration throughout my "tween" and teen years and it remains one of my favorite forms of expression.  Realism and distortion side by side in a tray of developer, both dependent upon the artistic  interpretation kept me very happy for years during much of my working career before digital was introduced.  Observing nature, being outdoors hiking with a  camera provided all I needed for artistic expression. Late in my career I began to wonder if I could interpret what I was photographing into other art forms and  found the need and desire to create and interpret with other mediums whether they be pens, paints or mixed media. My interests are in nature, first and foremost, whether that be traditional landscapes, birds, flowers, animals, or whatever else strikes my fancy and holds my attention.  Clouds and skyscapes have always held my attention.  I can't count the number of times that the car comes to a stop so that I can get the photo of a cloud formation or a storm rolling.  This body of work explores and interprets some of those Skyward images.  I have used traditional materials predominately watercolors and oils to capture these moments in life. My paintings are a fusion of realistic and interpretive elements.  My goal is to cause those who see my work to pause and look for the story within.

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All artwork is available for purchase. 
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Zion's Splendor
Winter's Last Respite
Desert Beauty
Sous Chef's Zen Moment
Missing You
I See You
Desert Miracles