Art is such a personal matter. Creativity speaks to each of us in its' own way and in its own time.  I have always been creative, but the form has varied over the years.  At heart I love textiles and the manipulation of fabrics, the design element fascinates me as does the use of color.   Photography has also been a creative force in my life since I was quite young. A camera gave me a way of speaking without words.  A useful tool for someone who was quite shy as a child and young adult.  Drawing and painting entered my life much later after a career in industry as an Engineer and a Corporate Executive in the field of Quality Assurance. These disciplines provided a strong work ethic and well as a need for attention to details. Vital in the fields that I chose for my working career and useful in this stage of my life as I strive to improve my artistic talents. 

The learning process is challenging and fascinating. I often feel like a sponge wanting to learn as much as possible and to then experiment with the tools and materials that are available in both watercolors and acrylics. I have also begun to work with oils and am looking forward to creating a body of work utilizing that medium.  My  education has been through continual participation in workshops, courses at Snow College and practice.  Time investment is the best indicator of success in any endeavor and that is especially true with art. The challenge is to continue to improve and to be able to create paintings that appeal to both myself and those who view my work.