I am a self-taught artist; my technique is unique to myself. I paint what I see. Sometimes I see colors in my subjects that may or may not be there. I love looking at others artwork no matter what the medium and have come to realize that there are no absolutes. I am especially fascinated by the masters because they were the pioneers, I don’t know if I envy them or want to emulate them, all I know is that the more I paint the more I love it. One thing that I try to accomplish with all of my art is depth. To me depth brings life to my paintings also it feels like a part of me is entering the canvas not in a spooky sort of way but in expression. I like to catch the reality of what I paint but on the other hand I want it to look like a painting.

3:04 SLC 16"x20" available for $1000
Another Day in Lisbon 16"x20" available for $1000
Covered Bridge 16"x20" available for $1000
Halcyon Days 16"x20" available for $1000
Heceta Head Lighthouse 16"x20" SOLD
Fifer Yacht 16"x20" available for $1000
Avalon House 16"x20" available for $1000
Siuislaw Riverfront 16"x20" available for $1000
Summer Retreat 12"x12" available for $425