My journey into abstraction began as I took workshops and classes from nationally known and respected artists. I learned a tremendous amount about acrylic paint, color, and composition from Robert Burridge, a California contemporary acrylic artist. I fell in love with collage while taking a class from Utah artist Laura Sharp Wilson. I attended two workshops with Colorado abstract landscape artist Joan Fullerton where I learned numerous acrylic techniques. With her guidance, I also discovered how to paint intuitively and I have never looked back!
I usually start with mark making then continue painting with acrylics, sometimes adding collage as well. As I draw and paint layer upon layer, my paintings begin to develop a history that naturally unfolds as I react instinctively to what is emerging. I combine the elements of line, color, shape, and composition to capture an emotional energy rather than an image. With my strong desire to make art and my obsession with painting intuitively, I create bold, colorful, abstract mixed-media paintings. 
My Blogs:

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