Art for me, is intertwined with motherhood, and one’s innate ability to create. In 2009 I became a mother, and with that new role came an understanding of the most profound experience of my life. That when I held him, I felt the ones who had gone before, and found solitary in the fabric of time. I learned of the sacrifice of my ancestors and grew a deeper respect for my parents. I know what motherhood can mentally, physically, and emotionally do to you. So, with motherhood bring forth me. A me, I had never known before. One that is compassionate, patience, and with a childlike view that allows me to see beauty all around. This spark was a sense of renewal, refreshing the creative drive. I was more than I was before, a part of me that was completely untapped. I bring forth life, not just theirs, but mine. To that point I had lived 29 years, and not known what I was truly capable of. These last few years, I have grown more than I ever though possible, loved deeper than I ever could have imagined. I have grown to be, because of them. Motherhood has taught me to look outside myself, to dig deeper to find strength, while pulling my head above the water to stare at the sun, knowing I am not alone. Motherhood to me, has stopped the endless search of what it all means, because I have found it. And in that calm after the storm, there was the fluidity untapped. My art, like motherhood has taught me to set aside my pride and accept faith. Because with this, I have seen the hand of the divine and know how sacred is the innocent.

Into the Wild
Beauty Queen
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