My journey into 2-D paper & fused glass art was sparked by attending classes and feeling the great pleasure in learning new art mediums.  Now in full retirement, I have truly rekindled the artistic part of me and have found my love, once again, for looking at my environment, reading, trolling web sites for ideas and tapping into my own imagination to find inspiration for my work – sometimes to the detriment of my need to sleep!

My 2-D paper art form allows me to bring my creative side to life through the design of paper dragons, animals & nature scenes.  Using white watercolor paper, scissors, glue and tools, to bring texture & design to the paper, I find the relaxation and portability of this art form gratifying and calming.  I have learned I love the beauty of simple design through paper art and the complexity of transferring the multidimensional work of my paper designs to fused glass. 

Fused glass, unlike oil paint and paper, is an unforgiving medium - one which has taught me a great deal about the properties of glass, preplanning my projects, choosing colors and balance, experimenting with metals and powders on glass, and most importantly - checking and rechecking kiln fusing schedules before pushing the kiln “start” button.   The joy of opening a kiln filled with perfectly fused glass projects is wonderful start to any day.

I will continue to take classes, listen to video tutorials and experiment as I grow in knowledge and creativity in mediums which seem to suit me very well because for me there is excitement in the learning process.                      801-231-2018

BABY CHICKS 12"x15" 2-D framed paper sculpture, $175
BULL ELEPHANT 12"x15" 2-D framed paper sculpture, $175
FEARLESS 14.5"x14.5" 2-D awesome framed paper sculpture, $325
REMEMBERING THE 60'S 11"x9"  white 2-D pinwheels on yellow and green, $90
I TOLD YOU I WOULD NOT FIT 14"x16" dragon in shadow box frame, $225
DAVID'S DRAGON 20"x17" complex paper 2-D sculpture, commission only
STRENGTH  10"x4" clear panel of Bullseye Glass with opalescence glass pieces, $85
JUST FOR FUN 11"x5" opalescent Bullseye Glass and glass fused pieces mounted on tin, $70
TINY HOUSES EVERYWHERE 10"x10" metal plate holds fused Bullseye Glass and tiny houses tack fused, $100
HORIZONTAL STRINGERS 6.5"x6.5" full fused Bullseye Glass with variegated colors, $70
GREEN PANEL 7.25"x2" 3mm Bullseye Glass tack fused with free formed glass stringers, $45
CHEESE PLATES various sizes and color combinations with button feet, $80 average price
SPACE custom 8.75" square steel plate, 3mm opaque black glass fused with silver foil, stringers & silver mica, $75
ALL OCCASION ORNAMENTS Bullseye Glass full fused ornaments, $25 and up
HEARTS, HEARTS, AND MORE HEARTS smashed tempered glass, hand formed and fused, adorned with wire wrapping and small charms, $25
TINY HOUSES ON THE MOON, full fused Bullseye Glass with tiny houses tack fused, $150
TEA LIGHTS Bullseye Glass fused and draped to form a tealight, $20
16" RECYCLED BICYCLE RIM with a 6mm full fused Bullseye Glass crescent insert, Commission only $480
21" RECYCLED BICYCLE RIM with a 6mm full fused Bullseye Glass crescent insert, Commission only $630
BLUE MOTION ABSTRACT 10"x10" using glass line flow paints on 3mm Bullseye Glass, $75