I have always adored glass.  I remember being fascinated at a very young age with windows of churches in the South, all the old Victorian and Antebellum homes in the area I was born and raised. 

A friend of mine, a retired art teacher, here in the Salt Lake Valley, agreed to teach me the basics of stained glass. By doing this, she introduced me to the world of colored glass!  She took me to Western Art Glass in downtown Salt Lake City, to purchase my glass for my first project.  The owner of the shop was working on a huge wall panel for a client that had all types of textures and colors, along with fused glass pieces.  The piece was a fisherman in a mountain stream fly fishing, I was literally mesmerize with it!  I felt like a child in a candy store for the first time!  I was hooked!  Glass has changed my life!  It brings such peace and happiness to me to be able to create such unique and beautiful pieces.  Glass literally set my soul on fire!

I enjoy taking classes from other glass artists to learn new techniques and ways to create such unique masterpieces!  Each one unique and different...no two are the same.  Glass brings me joying, whether I'm doing copper foil, lead work or fusing.  It's all fun and a new adventure every time I create a piece.

  One of the best things about glass is...It's always different...no two pieces are the same.