I have always been surrounded by artists in my family, but didn’t discover the absolute pleasure of painting until I was involved in another profession.  Over twenty-five years ago I picked up a watercolor brush, saw pigment magically spread on the wet paper, and was hooked forever.  My friends joke that I am an artist trapped in a lawyer’s body.  I love painting loose watercolors and thick rich oil paintings where the stroke of the brush is visible and the design of the painting can be seen from across the room.  Although most people think I am a “realistic” artist, I like to explore the connection of “realism” and “abstract” shapes.  I don’t believe that there is distinct difference between realistic and abstract work.  To me, a good painting that looks “realistic” from a distance is often just a collection of beautifully designed abstract shapes when viewed closely.  I enjoy painting landscapes outdoors and still life, but I am particularly drawn to painting people, indoors or as part of a landscape.  

I have studied art at the Hein Academy in Salt Lake and with  Utah artists Larry Wade, Glen Hawkins, George Allen, and Ann Marie Oborn, and with New York portrait artist Daniel Greene.   My work has previously been in exhibitions at Red Butte Garden, Ballet West, Magpie’s Nest, Southam Gallery, Slusser Gallery, Spring City Festival, Ivy House Reception Center,  and Gardiner Village.