I grew up in Utah and have been sculpting in clay since I was very young.  I remember modeling in oil clay with kitchen utensils during long trips in the family station wagon.  The clay would start sagging in my warm hands in the hot car so my mother would put it front of my father’s home made swamp cooler at her feet. 

I found I could hardly resist putting some type of animal character on nearly everything I made.  They made people smile so I was soon expressing myself by doing more sculptures.   I enjoy re-creating the animal kingdom from my own quirky point of view and many of my pieces have been inspired by babies!  I love their expressions, the way babies act and make me feel.  I’ve been inspired by many people (mostly babies) and works of art, and over the years I’ve developed my own look and techniques by doing what makes me want to smile while looking at it.   Family members did eventually convince me to stop giving them all my art (they ran out of room) so here I am playing in mud for my pleasure and yours.  It makes me happy doing these creations; hope they make you smile too.  Purchasing one also helps me pay for this self-expression habit I have and keep this aspiring artist off the streets.