My best childhood birthday included singing at the top of my lungs while painting by numbers and wearing new fuzzy pink slippers.  I remember the feeling of independence, joy and relaxation.  After a career in physical therapy and health administration, I started watercolor painting with the same attitude and for the same reasons. I have taken workshops and classes ever since, always trying to learn new techniques and approaches, while trying to find and keep a sense of self.  I enter exhibitions to challenge myself and my art.  Exhibitions put you out there in many ways!  They can be humbling!
 I became a member of the Utah Watercolor Society to learn more and meet artists. In 2008, I joined the UWS Board; I am now Past President. In 2018, I will serve as the Western Federation of Societies UWS Delegate.  UWS provides me with encouragement, critique, and opportunities for both watercolor and personal advancement.  Through UWS, I have deepened my appreciation for watercolor art and the community of water media artists it serves. 

Watercolor painting allows me to capture what interests me...what catches my eye.   I gravitate toward nature and gestures. Capturing my awe, the feeling of the moment, the humor, the essence of the place or subject at a brief point in time; this is my goal. Whether plein air or studio, watercolor adds to the sense of time…changing, flowing, creating on its own.

Art at the Main provides the next step—the opportunity to grow as watercolor artist within the framework of a co-op gallery of artists creating in diverse media.  I look forward to this phase.   I believe in the importance of and need for art within our community. I am honored to be part of this art organization.